Peninsula Papagayo Villa Rentals: The Basics

A villa is a great way to spend a vacation in a foreign land. You can select from any number of exotic places such as Peninsula Papagayo Villa rentals. You don’t have to be scared about asking the price. In this economy, there are deals to be made. People with second homes are happy to rent them out most of the year to willing tourists. A farmhouse or a mansion in Peninsula can be yours for a song. You might even get a free night or two as a perk, or access to the wine cellar.

The time is now to look into rental, perhaps through an agent who can lead you to a few choice places. Once you know the kind of ideal experience you seek, you are on your way to a blissful stay. You can ask for housekeeping, a chef, use of a car, or the swimming pool. Your host might just be willing to say yes to everything.

Photos on the Internet tell an exciting tale and agents can tell you even more. They will scrutinize your credentials to make sure you are upfront. Ask these agents how they like the properties and what is special about them. Are they near facilities like grocery stores and gas stations? Does anyone around speak English? You might enquire about operating appliances and other types of available equipment on site.

Hopefully you will be given more than one or two rental choices. All things being equal, you may opt for the house with free cleaning or the use of a car. Don’t be shy about asking for such privileges as they often come with the package. You might even get a private chef or access to the wine cellar! Agents have contacts so use them well and wisely.

It should include any extra expenses such as utilities, although frankly this should be part of the rental agreement. You also may want insurance in case there is accidental property damage. Unforeseen things happen, so you will be glad you took out a traveler’s policy.

Most everything is included in one rental price, making it easy to figure out expenses. Surcharges for extra nights or more people are not uncommon. You will also want to know what recourse the owner has to protect his property from damage and if he recommends you take out a travel policy. Such a policy will also cover trip cancellation should you become ill.

Also for your consideration would be a one or two story abode. The first floor in the US is the second floor in many countries, so don’t get confused. If you want to avoid stairs, you can. You also need specifics on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate your entire party.

The same goes for bathrooms. Don’t be too picky about tubs and showers. Travel is about compromise. You will find it all part of the exploratory process and learning to adapt. Then there is the issue of privacy. You may have to share facilities like pools and spas.

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