The Various True Lover Tests

We have all been in those situations where we feel an unexplainable feeling of excitement and euphoria. This feeling occurs especially when one meets or talks to that wonderful person that you have always longed for his or her attention. One may think that he or she is falling in love but you really have to question yourself whether it is truly love. The true lover tests will help you know whether whatever you are experiencing is really love or just a period of infatuation.

If you believe that infatuation is a love tester, you might be in an awesome relationship but you still fail to feel the love. The skewed expectations might be taking a rich, warm and deeper relationship from you. To add on, lack of knowing the difference between infatuation and love may lead you to unintentionally connecting to a person never to be your spouse and still conclude naively that you have found love.

To understand whether what you are feeling is love or not, consider the long term expectations of that feeling. A number of theories show true love to contain passion, intimacy and commitment. Not balancing these three can end up straining the relationship. People who are fond of each other but fall short on intimacy may not be able to live long in their relationship.

True love should flourish as time goes by. If relationship dwindles as time elapses then that is not love. Mostly a relationship that does not stand the test of time is more of infatuation than love. Therefore one should carefully analyze the trend as time goes by. This test gives a chance to quit when necessary.

The security test. Love that is genuine needs and nurtures a sense of trust and security. A person who is infatuated seems to lack the sense of security, is based upon wishful thinking instead of careful consideration. When one is infatuated, he/she becomes blind to problems. Security is able to flow out of deep knowledge on the character, track record and values of the other person.

Test of distance. Genuine love knows how important distance is. On the other hand, infatuation only imagines that love is meant to be intense closeness all the time. If circumstances put it that you have to be temporarily separated from your other half, that will definitely teach you more on the quality of your relationship. Supposing you fail to feel a sense of separateness, distinct life, healthy balance and relationship with other persons, then you are more infatuated than in love.

Genuine love creates an atmosphere to learn about the other person. All the characteristics and behavior are learnt as the relationship grows. This should be differentiated from infatuation in that it seeks to be all knowing. Infatuation makes one feel that he knows everything about her. This turns out not the case because it requires time and patience to understand the hues and cues of a partner. This gets possible through the conducive environment created by love.

When we know what love is really is, we get to know that challenges will always be there. It is important that you walk through the issues and enjoy every beautiful moment that you share with your partner.

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