The Magic Of Animations

Today’s meaning of cartoon is a non-realistic or semi-realistic images or paintings that are used for satire, comedy or some artistic style of such works.

The beginnings of Cartoons

The preparatory drawings utilized for fresco, paintings, stained glass windows and tapestry during the Middle Ages resulted in the idea of cartoons. They used cartoons drawn on damp plaster and linked the sections to make the whole wall painting or mural.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, cartoons turned into funny animated cartoons and comic strips. Albert E. Smith’s Humpty Dumpty Circus’ was the animation that was produced first. Initially, funny animated cartoon videos used to be black-and-white and silent. The first identified animated cartoon which came with synchronized sound, was Walt Disney’s Steamboat Willie” in 1928, where the well-known Mickey Mouse made his debut. Here, action and music were connected by Disney. Several cartoon series like for example Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck and Popeye the Sailor followed after. The first feature cartoon was made in the year 1937. It was the very successful Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’.

How are modern cartoons made?

Funny animated cartoon videos are created these days with the help of computer systems. What has not changed ever since is the fundamental concept of cartoon. In animation, static photographs are presented quickly and successively, creating an illusion of movement as a result of phenomenon of persistence of vision. These funny cartoons can be made and demonstrated in various ways. In addition to film, another popular method utilized to show animation is video program. However, there are various other forms of making animations too.

How Viewers are Affected by Cartoons

Almost all, if not all kids watch hilarious animated cartoon videos. Children consider the animation to be real, because they are not able to differentiate between reality and fantasy. When children watch animation, they could discover a lot of lessons. They become more inquisitive of every thing surrounding them. Cartoons could create curiosity in them to learn all aspects of the real world.

As opposed to other styles of learning, it has been proven scientifically that visual learning help our brains become a lot more active. Children could learn animals, colours and various other things while watching animated cartoons. They can also learn a foreign language from watching animated cartoons.

Laughing enhances the blood circulation. Therefore, cartoons is good for the health since it makes people laugh. Humorous animated cartoon videos can lessen your daily stress and hence can have a positive impact on our overall health.

Creating Animated Cartoons as a novice

You could create your own humorous cartoon videos utilizing different kinds of computer softwares. As a newbie however, it is advisable to use the Flash and Flipbook softwares.

The Flipbook Program: In addition to lighting, scanning and digital painting; this program can also help you with some tricks you require to do.

Flash: You can utilize this low-cost program to create web animations. Normally, this program is utilized to make short commercials in addition to public service announcements.

Now you could make your own humorous animated cartoons utilizing either of these softwares. Posting the humorous video on Facebook or YouTube could help you see how viewers will respond.

Here you can learn more about how these funny animations are made. You can also learn how to make your own very own funny animation, right here.

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