The Clinometer: Three Occupations That Use This Device

While you probably thought that you’d never really use your math skills, we actually use them every day to measure and calculate. For some jobs, honing your measurement skills is as essential as is learning how to use a myriad of helpful optical tools and mathematical devices. For instance, many people have to use a device called a clinometer or inclinometer to measure the elevation of angles. Angle measurement is important for all types of jobs, including the following professions.

1. Safe Sailing Is Easier With A Clinometer

If you are a sailor or operating a power boat, then you definitely understand the importance of understanding weather patterns and weather conditions. Professional or Naval ship captains, as well as those who sail for fun, all have to keep their eye on the weather. The clinometer can be a helpful device for those who are out on the sea. While you might have a plethora of technology on board your craft, the possibility of electrical failure or satellite problems do exist, so learning how to use a clinometer can be handy.

The clinometer can be used if your electronic devices, such as a weather radio, fail for some reason. You can take the clinometer and measure the height of clouds. Cloud height, as well as changes in height, can be an indicator of certain types of weather. For instance, you have probably seen the sky full of puffy white clouds. These are cumulus clouds, which can start to quickly rise up vertically. When cumulus clouds develop into cumulonimbus clouds, this means you might experience a thunderstorm in the near future with heavy rains and winds and even hail.

2. The Forester & The Clinometer

A forester is a job that has been around for hundreds of years, although its purpose has altered in modern times. Centuries ago, a forester was basically someone who managed and patrolled the forest lands of wealthy landowners, ensuring that poachers stayed off the land and that the forest was well-maintained. These days, a forester is responsible for the ecological management of a forest. This includes private land, land used for logging and protected public forest lands.

When it comes to clinometers, a forester will use this device to calculate tree height. Obviously, climbing individual trees is not an option, but these calculations provide important data that foresters use when making long-range plans for forest management. A forester will stand a fixed distance away from a tree, usually about 50 feet, and then uses the clinometer to measure angle from the observation point to the top of the tree. From there, mathematical calculations will help determine a solid estimate of the tree’s height.

3. Clinometers Are A Tool Of Geologists

Geologists study all types of rocks as well as rock formations. These studies include collecting data about the height of various rocks and rock formations and mountains. A clinometer is the handy tool that can be used to determine rock height. For instance, a geologist might compare the heights of a mountain before or after a seismic event, such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

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