Game Design & The Art Of Storytelling

In this day and age, video games have become nothing short of exciting storytelling vehicles. It’s a great way for creators to bring their ideas to life, through the art of interaction, and to say that game design holds popularity would be an understatement. With that said, though, I think that it’s important to talk about how stories can be told through gaming. To better understand this unique topic, here are a few points that are worth discussing.

Actions should be clearly conveyed, in order for storytelling to be done in game design. A particular game can showcase so little on the surface, and yet still be as deep as anything else. A project doesn’t have to cost a tremendous amount in order for a strong story to be told. “Thomas Was Alone” is a great example of this, but it’s far from the only one. Those who are looking to get involved in game design would be wise to research other notable names, which can be observed by any Long Island advertising agency as well.

Does this necessarily mean that bigger budgets can be a detriment? I believe that it depends on what creators do with it. For example, “The Last of Us” is often regarded as one of the finest video games of all-time, especially from a storytelling standpoint. The plot of said game featured all kinds of twists and turns, and they were played out by some of the finest characters in this art form. As a result, a unique experience was created for anyone to get into.

Technological features can go a long way, but they do not always guarantee the greatest story. Game design hinges on creativity, and this goes for the writing as well. Even if someone doesn’t have the greatest technical expertise, he or she can still get involved in game development as a draft or storyboard writer. That individual can receive feedback from their higher-ups, before returning to their work so that adjustments can be made. To say that art colleges feature various opportunities would be an understatement.

Without question, storytelling has become one of the most essential components of game design. If it isn’t set in place, depending on the genre, players have a difficult time connecting with what’s being presented to them. More than anything else, it feels like conducting actions simply for the sake of seeing the end; this should never be the case. Game design is meant to immerse others, and one of the ways to do this is the creation of effective narratives.

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