Marathon Races Apparel: A Brief Guide

Although marathons have an interesting background, many people still do them for charity or as a mental or physical challenge. Whatever reason you decide to run for 26.2 miles, remember that proper marathon races apparel is the most important investment you can make. It not only ensures proper fit but also comfort as you push yourself beyond your limits.

In any occasion, people will always wear what is required for that event. Running should not be any different. Long races, in particular, demand the right type of clothing for the right type of body and weather to avoid injuries. There are many shops selling appropriate running gear for people of different tastes and preferences.

The first item you need is a properly fitting pair of running shoes. The shoes should be well made for running and if possible should be made with your natural gait in consideration. Additionally, you should not buy shoes a few weeks or days before the race because you do not know how they will adjust to your feet while running. The best practice is to buy a few months beforehand and wear them to other competitions until they are worn in.

Clothing is as important as running shoes. However, it might be a little challenge to choose the best clothes because there are many styles, fabrics and designs to choose from. Also, do not forget you need to wear something to go with the expected weather. Consider the amount of heat your body will generate especially when around crowds of people.

What to wear is largely determined by the weather. A hotter weather requires something light like a running vest and shorts. This allows more air circulation. Also, they can be of various lengths depending on what you are comfortable with. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it fits well and is actually comfortable. If not sure, it is best to train in it.

During hotter weather, shorts with inbuilt briefs will feel a little bit cooler. If you expect cool weather, a long-sleeve wicking or thermal T-shirt will be very helpful. Most importantly, wear clothes in layers so that you can easily remove them when it heats up. For example, two thin layers of clothing rather than one very thick layer.

Hats can help a runner during a marathon. When its warm, one should not wear a heavy hat as it keeps in too much heat. However, when it is cold, a hat can keep heating from escaping the body. Gloves also come in handy especially when it is windy. An extra scarf around the neck and a windbreaker jacket can also be helpful when cold.

Comfort and fitting are the most important items when it comes to running long distances. It is of critical importance that you test drive everything you intend to wear during the race. Wearing beforehand and training in them helps you identify any potential issues so that you can resolve them before the big day. Shoes are particularly tricky because some bring out their discomfort only after hours of wearing them. Lastly, take plenty of water and be ready for the big day.

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