How To Clean Marker Boards Using Home Materials

A material that can be used as writing instrument is commonly called a board. It varies in color, features and sizes. But no matter what kind people uses, its significance and purpose provides a great help to our lives. Incidentally, when there are times that we use the wrong pen it will obviously produces a bad effect on the board. No matter how we erase it, the marks wont leave away.

However, some people made a mistake by using a permanent pen. Using it will leave a bad marks on the Marker Boards New Hampshire. Plus, students usually do some weird stuffs on the board which make it look cluttered. You cant use an eraser because it wont erase a thing. But if you really wanted to remove all the stuffs, then the following matters would be helpful.

Alcohol. The elements that comprises it have the capacity to eliminate all the dirt. Since there are many types of it, you need to make sure that you only buy an isopropyl type. Read the label if it has a ninety percent concentrated solution of alcohol. Clean first the board surface and then use a sponge wet with alcohol and slowly wipe the marks.

Marker. This is one of the most conventional method. Get a dry marker and outline the mark. Just make sure that every area is covered up. If every part of the drawing or writing is properly outline, try to erase it as you normally do. For sure, you would be surprise because it will wipe away everything. Its also advisable to utilize an artist eraser.

Kitchen things. Who would have thought that the things that are found on the kitchen can be possibly used as a mean to remove marks. Did you know that the combination of water and peroxide can surely eliminate it. As a matter of fact, a small size of margarine can also be possibly use. If there are other things aside from it, that would be the mixture of water and vinegar.

Toiletries. Various chemical composition can be found in toiletry products that even we are unaware about. Did you know that a deodorant and a toothpaste are also helpful. We are just using it for our own convenience without knowing that it can remove marks. Its unbelievable, right. But no matter how you neglect it, toiletries materials can still help you in the long run.

Car materials. Almost all car products contain oils and an oil has the capacity to remove everything. Dont just assume that all things are possible to utilize. Examples of the possible material that you can use are the lubricants and car wax. But before you proceed in doing the work, you have to ensure your safety first. Be cautious enough so as to prevent untoward accidents to occur.

Be gentle. While you are wiping the board, you have to be gentle in doing it. If you take this kind of action, then you can assure that your boards will not acquire any damage. On the other hand, if you neglect doing it, you might suffer in the end.

Be very careful in using dangerous substances. Since its quite noticeable that you can utilize chemical elements, then just be very careful. Wear a glove and a mask to protect yourself against any harm. Do this kind of thing and you wont encounter any sort of problem.

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