Tips On Laser Hair Removal Worcester

For those who are fed up with constant shaving or waxing for getting rid of unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be the best option. This is the most permanent of all the treatments used and is more effective than waxing or shaving. While electrolysis is still in use, it involves treating each hair individually and can be a painful method. In some occasions also, it can cause scarring. When considering laser hair removal Worcester residents should consider various facts.

The procedure is not suitable for all types of skin or hair. The best results will be obtained on people who have light skin and hair that is dark and coarse. This procedure targets pigmented tissues and will not work effectively on white, red, grey or blond hairs. The areas that most commonly experience the removal are the arms, underarms and lips. Others include the bikini line, chest and legs. The procedure is more costly for larger body areas.

The number of sessions required for the best results will depend on hair color and size of area to be treated. Normally, the sessions will be between 6 to 8. After treatment, it is possible that there will be some side effects. One of the side effects that should be expected are soreness of the area and swelling which is experienced for some hours. In certain circumstances, the skin may become lighter or darker.

There are some side effects that are very rare, including scarring and blistering. They are hardly ever experienced. Some side effects result when the procedure is not done in the correct way or when settings of the devices are not accurate. To minimize these, you will need to have the procedure from certified clinics. Before going for treatment, you will need to do some research so that you know all risks and side effects that are expected. You will know what to expect.

With this procedure, there is passing of beams of lasers over the skin into the follicles of hairs where growth begins. It is the heat from the lasers that damages the follicles and thus growth is inhibited. There is a cooling device attached to the laser handset which cools the skin. For the best outcomes, a number of treatments will be needed. Treatment lasts for between 15 minutes to one hour and will depend on the size of the area being treated.

One will need to choose a doctor who is board certified like a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. They should have adequate experience. Caution should be taken when considering having the services from spas and salons that allow non-medical personnel to carry out the procedure. The meeting with the doctor before treatment is used to discuss the medical history of the patient, potential risks and their expectations.

For the reduction of discomfort after being treated, some ice is applied on the area being treated. If there is a skin infection after treatment, there will be application of steroid creams to the areas that are affected. There should not be exposure to sunlight for some time after the procedure.

The procedure does not have to be painful. Whether or not pain is experienced will depend on how sensitive the individual is. The outcome of the procedure will be seen gradually.

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