Kerry Goode: Discussion Of ALS, With Stuart Millheiser

There’s no denying the fact that ALS is serious, no matter the age or previous condition of the person who has it. Stuart Millheiser can tell you that it can impact children, young adults, and those who are elderly as well. When it comes to the most physically able, it’s no different. Kerry Goode is just one example, but you may be curious to know who this man is. Those who are familiar with the NFL, in all respects, might already know him.

Kerry Goode, for the uninitiated, is a retired football player who played for much of the 1980s. Times Daily detailed this in an article, stating that he was part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which is where he was drafted in 1988. After he enjoyed his career as an active competitor, he retired to become a strength and conditioning coach for the NFL, helping other players in the process. As you can see, he remained active in football in a number of respects.

However, it wasn’t until recently that the 50-year-old Goode was diagnosed with ALS. As Stuart Millheiser will tell you, ALS is a disease that focuses on the nerve cells in the body, in particular in the brain and spinal cord. What this means is that anything related to voluntary movement is made difficult, if not utterly impossible in some cases. About a year ago, Goode started to experience muscle spasms and twitches, which prompted him to consult specialists.

At the moment, Goode is spending time trying to stay healthy and fight this condition as best as he can. It’s a commendable effort – and Stuart Millheiser can say the same – but it’s unfortunate that his family medical history has been a shaky one. Times Daily reported that, more than three years ago, Goode lost his younger brother to cancer. His older brother is in the process of battling prostate cancer as well. Without question, ALS is yet another medical condition worth focusing on, and understandably so.

Kerry Goode was heavily involved in football, and the fact that he became a victim of ALS is nothing short of unfortunate. In my opinion, this is another example of how serious this condition is, in addition to how few limits there are in this respect. Even those who pride themselves on being physically fit can become sickly, meaning that medical guidance is essential. If this knowledge is obtained, it can serve as something of a comfort to many.

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