Health Care Solutions With Ameriplan MD Plus

The cost of health care today can be crippling. Families may be forced to go without needed medical services leading to less than optimal care for America’s growing population. The need for care often does not occur during normal working hours, which may present challenges to physician access. AmeriPlan MD Plus offers an economical solution to help patients cope with both of these issues.

Over the past twenty years the company has developed telemedicine that provides access to care twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Modern technology allows for communication with doctors via email, phone or even video. Expensive and lengthy visits to the hospital emergency room can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Frequently patients experience a temporary problem that requires immediate attention. Waiting for days or weeks is not an effective treatment, since the problem may have already resolved itself by the time a patient actually sees the doctor. The ability to contact a professional, receive a diagnosis and needed prescription from the pharmacy just makes life so much easier.

The cost of health care has a significant impact on employers also. Telemedicine has the advantage of reducing the employees time away from the work place due to illness. A phone consultation may take less than twenty minutes versus a visit to the doctor’s office, which may take hours and cause an employee to miss an entire day’s work. Saving time, saves money for the employee and the employer.

Parents of small children are frequent visitors to urgent care facilities and emergency rooms. Often these visits could be avoided if the parents could get medical advice by reaching out to a doctor with a phone call. Telemedicine can calm a parent’s fears, provide quick access to medication for the child, and save everyone time and money.

Specific medical problems require the attention of the appropriate specialist. Primary care physicians may cause delays when patients are required to see two or three doctors before coming face to face with the specialist they really need. This process also causes the patient to incur multiple co-pays, not to mention the inconvenience of multiple doctor visits.

Patients will not be put in contact with a doctor located in another country. The company has engaged a network of physicians who all reside in the States. These physicians have comprehensive knowledge of the system’s electronic medical records and know how to use EMR. Due to this service, people with chronic diseases are free to travel as they wish with full access to health advice from anywhere in the United States.

The network of doctors has been well trained on the system. In addition, continuing education assures that physicians will be current will all technological system changes. Patient feedback and case outcomes help the company rate the providers to ensure the company’s clients receive excellent care. The customer service department is also available to assist callers. Now is the time to take advantage of the services offered. Telemedicine can reduce your health care costs and reduce the frustration of not getting the advice as needed. This is a solution that works.

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