The Quiet Call Of The Inner Voice

We are all going to have moments during particular days when we need to be absolutely honest with ourselves about what is going on in life.

When these moments hit me, I feel this type of energy that is hard to describe. I feel true, undisputed honesty bubbling up to the surface and the willingness to really see who I am. While I eventually came to terms with these feelings, it took me a while to really look myself in the eyes and understand what I was all about.

What follows after this moment is pure stillness. Deep in thought. Numb. I feel truth bubble up to the surface.

There are many things functioning under the surface that we cannot see. We cannot see what is really planned for us. We cannot see how things are going to turn out. These things will surprise us and if we don’t ruin that surprise, help us move forward into being the person we could truly be.

There’s an amazing balance between moving forward and making the effort, whatever the situation might be and starting to understand what is going on within. I think much of the time when someone is hurt and people recognize it they attempt to tell that person to pick themselves up as fast as possible and forget the past. This information, while trying to be helpful, isn’t really realistic – because the same person who gave that advice, in a similar scenario, couldn’t possibly take it.

Don’t attempt to manipulate or block out your thoughts and emotions. Let them flow through you. Learn from them. Understand them. Feel them. Then, when you have spent enough time with them, move forward. Move forward into who you can be right now. Sometimes it’s incredibly tough to handle those thoughts and emotions but you have to be willing to battle through it.

Take some time to be incredibly honest with yourself.

Don’t run or hide from feelings that you would associate as negative. Life has a very interesting way of balancing you out right when you need it. When you attempt to block feelings out or manipulate them, you are putting yourself in a very shaky place. Let life do what it has to do to keep you learning and growing.

When these moments end, then you can move forward with your life. But make sure that you aren’t trying to manipulate the moment to get out of it. Understand why it means something to you and let your life open up. Let these thoughts and emotions teach you something instead of run from them like crazy.

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