Why You Need Indoor Tanning Lotion

The indoor lotion is a product that is meant to enhance the results of your sessions. The tanning lotion enhances light absorption by opening up the pores thus magnifying your exposure to UV. When you use these products you get a deeper and enduring appearance and still retain your skins moisture levels. If you have a darker complexion, you can use high quality products to enhance your skin tone.

The products magnify, condition and moisture that skin, they also improve on other aspects of that skin as well. The success of the sessions is determined by how well your skin can deal with high exposure to UV light without getting dehydrated.

During a session the body is exposed an increased dose of UV light that is within the recommended amount of sunlight that you should be exposed to in a day. Since you are being exposed to the UV light within a short period you need to moisturize and condition your surface so that it does become excessively dry. Purchase the indoor range of products to protect yourself from dehydration.

The fairness of your surface and light sensitivity as some of the factors influencing the type of product you should use. Make a habit of using the cream before you begin your session. Keep your skin moisturized by applying thick layers of oil.

The best brands are the ones the thick ones because they have high amounts of moisturizing compounds. There is no need to worry if you are the product you are using is thick and cannot be completely rubbed in. Leave that skin as it is and go ahead with your session. As the bed gets hotter the oil will liquefy and get absorbed by the skin.

It is advisable for you to apply the cream just before the session begins. The product diffuses UV light so that it can penetrate into larger areas of the skin. The effect is almost similar to the one you get while swimming. In the event that you forget to oil yourself before the session you can do it as soon as you are done.

According to experts, the body will continue to metabolize the UV light two days after your session. You should continue using after exposure lotion and moisturizing cream to keep your skin hydrated. Use the products every time you take a shower or before going to bed. Make this a routine so that your surface stays moisturized and conditioned even when you are in between your normal sessions.

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