Do You Need An Owners Rep In A Construction Site?

Project owners and developers rarely find enough time to be at construction sites throughout the life of a project. It is the owners rep who take up the place of developers or owners as projects take shape. The representative ensures that the interests of the owner are well represented. There are crucial responsibilities that come with this position and are intended to ensure successful completion.

The representative must be conversant with the jurisdiction where the project is being carried out. As such, he uses his knowledge and experience in the industry to watch over the entire construction process. A property owner or investor might have little or no knowledge of daily activities at a site. Most developers and investors do not have the time to watch over the work. This makes reps an important part of any project.

It is the rep who facilitates the acquisition of necessary permits and licenses. This calls for reasonable knowledge of the relevant offices and procedures to be followed in obtaining the licenses and permits. Failure to understand these procedures or meet the required conditions may lead to delays or denial of permits. This will affect the commencement of your project.

Owner representatives form a crucial part of proposal evaluation processes. Participation ensures that the project remains within the budgetary limits envisaged at the initial stages. The representative will ensure that all proposals are within a reasonable amount. The details to be scrutinized in every proposal include prices of materials, labor cost and post-construction services.

Contractors and other partners in a project are a crucial part of the successful completion of any project. Representatives are tasked with conducting background checks to verify all information provided in tender documents. Conducting due-diligence on contractors may also involve visiting their physical addresses and verifying their financial statements with banks and other institutions. Representatives are also required to visit sites where these contractors have active projects or have successfully completed a project.

Representatives are tasked with monitoring the daily progress of any project. Monitoring entails evaluating the performance of service providers and contractors to ensure that they deliver based on contractual agreements. To deliver in this capacity, a representative must have full knowledge of standards set at the beginning of the project. Representatives ensure that these standards are adhered to at every stage in the construction process.

There are standards expected of every construction site by regulators. It is upon an owner representative to ensure that these standards are maintained. The standards include the safety of employees and general health conditions at the site. The equipment must be safe for use. In case inspection officials visit the site, it is upon the owner representative to guide them and provide answers based on questions by the officials.

Owner reps are responsible for relationship management for any project. They act as the link between developers, owners, suppliers and contractors. They are charged with organizing meetings whenever the need arises to ensure that everything runs smoothly. An experienced civil engineer or a graduate of building economics would fit the role perfectly.

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