Main Reasons Of Why Americans Take Care Of Their National Flag

When American powers were put under George Washington’s control under the ‘Grand Union’ banner the history of the American national flag began on January 1, 1776. It had the British Union Jack in the upper left-hand corner, and The canton, 13 substitute red and white stripes.

The flags were first flown from Fort Stanwix, on the present’s site city of Rome, New York, on August 3, 1777. It was first under fire for three days later in the Battle of Oriskany, August 6, 1777. The United States Flag is the third most settled of the National Standards of the world; more settled than the Union Jack of Britain or the Tricolor of France.

The United States National Flag is unique in the deep and noble significance of its message to the entire world, a message of national independence, of individual liberty, of idealism, and of patriotism. This is the main reason of Americans devotion to their National Flags,that shows the glory on its way of taking the strength, when we love our country and lead it by the help of the National Flag.

All over the world you can meet the symbols of the glory of the nations such as flags or banners. Flags symbolize counties, states, and other historic items affected towards the countries. This feeling make anyone to go on heading to the freedom with the National Flag, that creates the hope for the future generations. These are the main reasons of why Americans should take care of their National Flag and keep it in accordance to the main patriotic devotion.

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