Save The Environment Through Hunting

The benefit of hunting is not well known enough. Hunting is good for balancing ecosystem. We should know about the best uses of hunting to protect our world.

It is must for every organism to eat another one of its surviving. Our ecosystem is furnished in such way that between every two organism there must a predator-prey relationship. When a rabbit eats a plant then the rabbit is the predator and the plant is prey, again the rabbit turn into a prey when the hawk eats it. Finally the fallen hawk is decomposed by micro fauna and plant takes its essential nutrients from it.

We have noticed the overpopulation of wildlife recently in many states. Now a day it is openly seen that deer come outside the forest for food. The over populated geese is responsible to make our living area unhygienic. For plenty of bears, the human and beast community goes unsafe day by day. Professional hunters are invited by the town resort to hunt the excess number of bears, geese and dear which harm the people. You should hunt the geese when they are in molting.

The optimum number of population for each organism in an ecosystem is fixed by the biologist and wildlife professionals now a day. You have to hunt only the surplus animals those are destructive for human.

It is an important fact that the hunting surplus animals is an extra source of our food. You can eat the meat of these hunted animals instead of beef, poultry, fowl, pork and other marketed animals.

The agencies that are in charge of saving our wildlife get 75% of total financial support from the hunters. The authority takes this money from the hunters by different ways like giving of licenses, agreements, wildlife stamps, etc. Tax on special hunting products is also a good source of income. With a view to preserve the wildlife the hunters donate privately because, most of them are associated with various preservation agencies.

It is confirmed that, hunting is good for maintaining our natural order. Hunting is helpful for diminishing abundant population that is harmful to the environment. At the same time, hunters can find food in the process.

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